(Diversity x Infinity) ^ ∞

Things of value are expensive. Zoo : $10/day, Therapy : $70/week, Netflix : $15/month. Saucy has all this for you + infinite values for any price. ?

Saucy is (Diversity x Infinity) ^ ∞ which means "Get any value you want when you want it, and pay what you want for all of those values on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis." For example, for workouts go to /gym, for wine note taking go to /wine-tasting, & for traveling go to /discover.
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Saucy is built on Svelte & Sveltekit, the fastest framework in the world, and our security is world-class thanks to Cloudflare/Github for development & Chargebee for billing. The platform is a super customizable progressive web app (installable) with no ads whatsoever.

Saucy has 3 YouTube channels with 500+ videos each. Vlogs | Stories | PSN and also 13,000+ upvotes & 76 collections on Product Hunt. The word saucy means to have a life that's neither ridgid in shape nor direction, like sauce. Diverse and infinite.

If Facebook can make billions of dollars misuing user data & NFTs can create a billion dollar market for free images, Saucy WILL make ∞ because we are for the people, and we give the power of (Diversity x Infinity) ^ ∞ to you.

We have you in my mind in every decision we make, to ensure you have the best experience here as possible. If there's something we don't have you would like to have please let us know.

The future of the universe depends on you subscribing right now. 🎉 Saucy is all about vibing & paradise for all. 🌴 Anything new can come to Saucy at any time. 🦄 Everyone is welcome here, no matter who you are. 🌈

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Saucy gets $5 for every $100 spent

Use code "saucyy" in the item shop on Fortnite.


Saucy gets $15 for new Cash App users

Sign up here. Link your debit card or bank account to your Cash App account and send $5 to a friend who uses Cash App within 14 days.

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Famous subscribers of Saucy :
Elon Musk, Kylie Jenner, Marshmello, Diplo, Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Twenty Øne Pil⌀ts, Leonardo DiCaprio, Will Smith, Joe Rogan, Robert Downey Jr, Morgan Freeman, BTS, Jennifer Lopez, Ozuna, Taylor Swift, Harry Styles, John Travolta, Tom Hanks, Steven Spielberg, Ben Affleck, Mark Hamill, Nelk Boys, Eminem, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Keanu Reeves, Christiano Ronaldo, Johnny Depp, Ed Sheeran, Jim Carrey, Drake, Myles Garrett, Nick Chubb, XQC, Ninja, Tfue, Pokimane, Tyler1, DrDisrespect, & more to come!
Our partners, brands, & allies :
Apple, Disney, Fortnite, Mountain Dew, Starbucks, Nike, Google, Tesla, Amazon, Taco Bell, PayPal, Netflix, BP, Crumbl Cookies, Mitchell's Ice Cream, Twitch, Heineken, Airbnb, Mastercard, Hollister, Vans, Ralph Lauren Polo, Balenciaga, Product Hunt, United Airlines, Cloudflare, Svelte, Github, CodePen, Kroger, Adult Swim, Mugsy, Chubbies, Hulu, FedEx, NASA, Playstation, Coca-Cola, Verizon, 100Thieves, CashApp, OpenSea, KAWS, McDonalds, Rick & Morty, SpaceX, and some others.

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Saucy is the most powerful force in the universe
Everything & anything imagined can happen here
Never doubt its power, always fear its potential​


(Diversity x Infinity) ^ ∞

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New here? Check the tutorial below.

What is Saucy?


Anything you want it to be. Everything imagined can come to Saucy. Saucy has infinite value which is why it's an amazing place to discover and find something you like to come here for.

What can I use it for?


Some examples :
Watch your favorite streamers @ /twitch.
Directions if you're lost @ /maps.
Test development @ /api.
Enjoy concerts @ /concerts.

How does it work?


Search by values in middle. Quick actions (lightning) are in upper right. Search by voice w/ "hey saucy (search term)". Upper left are presets you can set to whatever you want.

Where are the settings?


Click the settings cog in upper right. Here you can change the presets, and other things like the colors & look of Saucy.

Subscribing to Saucy


Saucy is a subscription platform that delivers (Diversity x Infinity) ^ ∞ to you through values. Pay what you want daily, weekly, or monthly above.



Saucy delivers a diverse and infinite radius of values from all categories. The category entertainment at Saucy has values like videos, tv, music, and streams. To be saucy means to have a life that flows like sauce, neither rigid in shape nor direction. An infinitely diverse life. Saucy is (Diversity x Infinity) ^ ∞ because it delivers ∞ googolplex's of value. Saucy is a multiverse because it can add anything it wants at any time.
Some examples :
Watch your favorite streamers @ /twitch.
Directions if you're lost @ /maps.
Test development @ /api.
Enjoy concerts @ /concerts.
Search by values in the middle. Search by voice on upper right. The lightning bolt icon beside it is quick actions. Upper left are presets you can set to whatever you want through settings.
Click the settings cog in upper right. Here you can change the presets, and other things like the colors & look of Saucy.
This is a very common question so I will give a long answer. Saucy uses existing websites at part of the "Moments" part of its platform, which gives people unlimited meaningful moments.

Saucy also is building out its own unique pieces of code, software, and products. Anything & everything imagined can happen here.

You will notice Saucy has existing websites as part of it. This doesn't mean Saucy is trying to sell the free web or be an extra service you have to pay for. It uses existing websites because its utilizing existing resources to do everything it can possibly do. ​Remember, the best ideas are always created with existing ones. Saucy is not a search engine, social media, streaming service, healthcare, restaurant, science lab, learning center, travel booking. It is all of them & infinitely more. Saucy is (Diversity x Infinity) ^ ∞

Also, remember NFTs if you are in doubt of free value being monetized. If NFTs (free content on the web) can sell for millions, Saucy can utilize the existing web in "Moments" and you can subscribe for any amount of money daily, weekly, or monthly in the millions. and never outrun (Diversity x Infinity) ^ ∞

*Disclaimer : Saucy utilizes existing websites & third-party resources. Not always, but often. We are not responsible for the content, ads, or anything else shown on these websites as we do not own them. Also in regards to copyright, we do not intend to divert business away from websites & third parties. If anything, it helps them grow as part of our vision. Think of it like using a web browser. It is legal & compliant.


Saucy delivers a diverse and infinite radius of values at an exponentially infinite scale. Try searching in the upper right or left. ​

Things of value are expensive. Choose Saucy.
-Zoo : $10/day, Therapy : $70/week, Netflix : $15/month
-Any value no matter how crazy, weird, or normal
-Entire companies, brands, places, industries, universes
-Saucy has all the above + infinity for any price you want
-Saucy is the most powerful force in the universe
-Saucy is the most valuable multiverse in existence
With Saucy you can experience new things, make more money, protect yourself, feel better, look better, save time, have better relationships, get more social interaction, receive more pleasure, and much more. By not using Saucy, you're missing out on getting more value out of your daily life. ​​

Saucy brings all timelines, realities, perspectives, and possibilities i​nto one online platform. Your favorite music, politics discussion, investing in cryptocurrency, supporting causes you care about, creating the content you love, visiting places through maps, new foods to try. Saucy can be used for anything and everything.
-speedy & reliable for blazing fast speeds
-enterprise grade security with full SSL strict
-proudly supporting LGBTQIA+, BLM, and others
-pay what you want or use it for free
-we don't sell your data
-no advertisements shown
-your account is your's under your control
-you are more than a product, you are a person
-fair customer support to everyone small not just big
​-prohibited to troll, bully, or harass on our platform
-we are always modern & forward-thinking
Solving the world's biggest problem : Lack of (Diversity x Infinity) ^ ∞
~Control your reality instead of being trapped in simulations
~Create your own world instead of being a creature of this world
~Craft what you want instead of being demanded what to do
~Consistent wins in all areas of your life instead of constant losses
~Connect to perspectives and strategies instead of relying on your own intelligence
~Create moments that matter instead of meaningless times


Saucy uses Chargebee & Stripe for billing
Stripe has been audited by a PCI-certified auditor and is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1. This is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry. To accomplish this, we use the best-in-class security tools and practices to maintain a high level of security at Stripe.
Chargebee is a PCI-DSS Level 1 Service Provider. Chargebee ensures that your customers’ sensitive card information is encrypted and handled in a safe and secure manner. With annual audits and PCI-DSS Level 1 certification, Chargebee protects sensitive data. ​​

Saucy uses Cloudflare for the website​
Full SSL (Strict) 256 Bit Encryption
SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This secure link ensures that all data transferred remains private. It’s also called TLS (Transport Layer Security). Millions of websites use SSL encryption everyday to secure connections and keep their customer’s data safe from monitoring and tampering. Full SSL (strict) ensures a secure connection between both the visitor and your Cloudflare domain and between Cloudflare and your origin web server. Full (strict) support SSL hostname validation against CNAME targets. ​

PCI Compliance
TLS 1.2 is what the website uses at a bare minimum to be compliant with PCI in order to meet the PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) for safeguarding payment data. Both TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 are insufficient for protecting information due to known vulnerabilities. They are insufficient to secure payment card related traffic.

​TLS 1.3
TLS 1.3 is the newest, fastest, and most secure version of the TLS protocol. SSL/TLS is the protocol that encrypts communication between users and the website. When web traffic is encrypted with TLS, users will see the green padlock in their browser window. Traffic to and from the website will be served over the 1.3 protocol when supported by clients.

Authenticated Origin Pulls
Authenticated Origin Pulls allows for verification that web requests to the origin server have come from Cloudflare. This prevents traffic from bypassing security measures provided by Cloudflare, such as IP and Web Application Firewalls, logging, and encryption. Cloudflare origin-pull servers present a TLS client certificate as part of connections to the origin. Web servers and other infrastructure can be configured to require client certificate authentication for connections.

Opportunistic Encryption
Opportunistic Encryption allows browsers to benefit from the improved performance of HTTP/2 by letting them know that your site is available over an encrypted connection. Browsers will continue to show “http” in the address bar, not “https”.

Automatic HTTPS Rewrites
Automatic HTTPS Rewrites helps fix mixed content by changing “http” to “https” for all resources or links on your web site that can be served with HTTPS.

DDOS Protection
-HTTP FloodPrevents attacks caused from a flood of HTTP requests.
-UDP FloodPrevents attacks caused from a flood of UDP packets.
-SYN FloodPrevents attacks caused from a flood of TCP packets sent with SYN flag.
-ACK FloodPrevents attacks caused from a flood of TCP packets sent with ACK flag.
-QUIC FloodPrevents attacks caused from a flood of QUIC requests.

HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS, RFC 6797) is a header which allows a website to specify and enforce security policy in client web browsers. This policy enforcement protects secure websites from downgrade attacks, SSL stripping, and cookie hijacking. It allows a web server to declare a policy that browsers will only connect using secure HTTPS connections, and ensures end users do not “click through” critical security warnings. HSTS is an important security mechanism for high security websites. HSTS headers are only respected when served over HTTPS connections, not HTTP.

DNNSEC protects against forged DNS answers. DNSSEC protected zones are cryptographically signed to ensure the DNS records received are identical to the DNS records published by the domain owner.

​Security Scans for
SSL Check
​SSL Check 2
Google Safe Browsing
​McAfee Site Advisor
Saucy started as Saucy Saturday on June 26, 2009 creating inspirational/entertaining YouTube videos. While at Baldwin Wallace University in Berea, OH in 2014 I became a Patreon creator. And in 2016, started creating Instagram stories. In 2016-2017 I learned everything about business (self-taught) and created Saucy. Saucy was created in the basement and bedroom. At first Saucy was a community based on Diversity, Positivity, and Love. Then it turned into a bunch of other things to the point it's meaning changed a lot as I thought more deeply about what I wanted to create. Saucy went through thousands and thousands of landing pages and changes. There have been many challenges and issues on all fronts with Saucy. You can learn more about our history here .
Me. My name is Bryce & I am the CEO and founder of Saucy.

YouTube channels :
Saucy Stories | Saucy Vlogs

Everything I do is tied to the (Diversity x Infinity) ^ ∞ I create.
Saucy's foundation is amazing. Saucy is built with Svelte & Sveltekit, the industry leading framework for modern development. It is deployed to Cloudflare through Github, using VSCode. Used to be built on Weebly site builder, so we have come a long way.
Saucy is built with a strong foundation on diversity, which consists of acceptance, open-mindedness, gentleness, and encouragement. We welcome everyone with loving arms, and show positivity through our encouraging words and actions. Everyone is welcome, no matter who they are, what their interests are, or what they've been through. We believe in the power of community to create a better tomorrow.
You can reach out to us here.


1. Subscribe Daily | Weekly | Monthly
2. Choose your quantity (in $5 increments)
3. Click "Enter my Email" & enter your email
4. Add payment details and click "Next"
5. Click "Subscribe" and you're done!

*Your subscription will start immediately. Cancel anytime. If you are unable to cancel for some reason, email [email protected] to cancel.
There is no right or wrong answer. You could subscribe for $1,000 month & $5/month. Subscribe for an amount that feels right to you
Things of value are only tiny fractions of categories & are expensive

Animals -> Zoo : $10/day Health -> Therapy : $70/week Entertainment -> Netflix : $15/month

Saucy is one pay what you want subscription to all values from all categories.
-Entertainment is only 1 of 39 available categories at Saucy
-Values : books, gifs, memes, music, photos, radio, stream, tier lists, tv, twitch, videos
Manage subscriptions through the Saucy Chargebee portal here. If you are unable to cancel for some reason, email [email protected] to cancel.